Hydroculture Vs Hydroponics, Whats the difference ??

Hyroculture is classified as a system to grow indoor decorative plant, it is  passive system meaning no moving part, catered to make life easier for humans and plant. you can read more about its benefits in What is Hydroculture.



Hydroponics is growing plants in water actively, The water is always moving and never left or it will stagnate ( no oxygen) . Hydroponics is focused on plant growth and is used for vegetables or any culture requiring production. It a very easy way to grow your own food in Kuwait where our growing season is short and our land is infertile. There are many systems and way, they all stem from the same concept, how to suspend the plant, oxygenate the water and get the water to the roots.

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First of all i appreciate the science of agriculture and i would like to know the science and technique of hydroponics….


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