Return policy

Return And Exchange Policy

Our plant policy is no fuss return , as for the regulations in Kuwait. 

Regulations of replacing or returning goods as per the executive regulation of the law no 2014/39 regarding consumer’s protection :

To return, exchange and warranty services original invoice is required.

The consumer shall have 14 days from the purchase date, the right to replace or return goods and recover the paid price thereof.

The goods should be in the same condition when purchased, suitable to be resold, displayed and in its original package with all its accessories.

The consumer did not use the goods thereof in whatever way.

The goods nature couldn’t be returned or recovered.

Gift item offered to customers at the time of the purchase should be returned is sealed packing with full accessories.

Goods or commodities shall be returned in case a defect or malfunction was found therein, or were noncompliant with the standards approved in state of Kuwait.

In case goods or commodities were irreplaceable, it shall be returned, the seller shall refund the price thereof as per the value stated in the sale invoice, in the same way used on purchasing thereof.

The consumer shall not forfeit the right thereof in purchasing the right of replacement or returning when conditions stated herein are fulfilled, even if the goods were bought during the sales (discounts) licensed by the ministry of commerce and industry, in such event on refunding the value of goods stated in the sale invoices shall be considered, in the same way used on purchase.

The consumer cannot return or exchange of the goods in the following events :

If the consumer was aware of the defect of malfunction, existing already in the goods at the time of the purchase, and accepted it as is, or it was the last piece displayed in the store and this fact was stated in the invoice.

If the specifications, packaging of the goods or the commodities would prevent exchanging or returning it whether damaging the goods or the impossibility of returning it to the condition of purchase, in a way that would prevent reselling it when the goods was damaged or couldn’t be returned to its original condition.

In the event that the consumer misused, damaged or wrongfully installed the goods damaged.

If the condition of goods or equipment cannot be displayed again, or there are missing accessories, components with or without carton, with torn package, provided that it should be in same condition when it was purchased by the consumer.

In the event of all personal care products i.e. (bed clothes, blankets, bed sheets, towels, mattress …etc.) due to its nature of usage and health reasons.