Our Services


Biohydro A.G's mission is to revolutionize agriculture by harnessing the power of controlled environment technology. We strive to create sustainable and efficient food systems that ensure access to fresh, healthy, and locally grown produce for communities worldwide. By combining cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of plant science, we aim to promote food security, reduce the environmental impact of traditional agriculture, and promote a healthier future for all.  as Kuwait's leading hydroponics and organic retailer/distributor, offering a range of services to meet your needs.

Vertical Farm Setup: We provide vertical farm setup services in Kuwait, giving you the opportunity to grow your crops in a controlled environment.

Landscape Fertilization: Ensure the beauty and health of your lawn or garden with proper fertilization. Our trained professionals will help you make smart choices and provide the best service at competitive prices.

Commercial Farm Services: We offer full hydroponic consultations, including training, seed sourcing, and fertilizer, to help you establish a fully functional hydroponic operation.

Garden/Landscape Maintenance: From design to implementation and maintenance, Biohydro has the experience to bring your landscape ideas to life.

For inquiries, call us at +965 95592733. Follow us on Twitter or Instagram @biohydrokw for the latest updates.