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Tripack flora HW

Tripack flora HW

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A set containing basic fertilizers and additives
* 3 fertilizers of 0.5 liters (TriPart GROW, TriPart BLOOM, TriPart MICRO)
* free + 25g pH down regulator
Application: HYDROPONIC and SOIL crops
Suitable for hard water (mainly tap water)

Flora Series three-component fertilization system.
Thanks to the excellent solubility of mineral salts, these fertilizers are a great tool for soil and hydroponics. They are very easy to use and you'll find basic dosage tables on the labels.
TriPart MICRO: Provides the plant with all the necessary micronutrients in the form of phytochelins. It also contains microelements and biological buffers stabilizing the pH of solutions. MICRO complements GROW and BLOOM in terms of primary and secondary nutrients.
TriPart GROW: Stimulates the growth of plant structures and leaves. The young plant is supplied with everything it needs until flowering.
TriPart BLOOM: During growth, it affects the formation of good and healthy roots. During flowering and fruiting, it enables maximum utilization of the genetic potential of the plant and amazingly increases the yield.

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