Sun Mode LED Lamp
Sun Mode LED Lamp
Sun Mode LED Lamp
Sun Mode LED Lamp

Sun Mode LED Lamp

Lamp Sold without holder.

SOL Series is the bulb type of LED Grow Light for indoor growing. You need a light for fast growing or a light for keeping during winter season? You can choose a proper type of bulb as your need. SOL series has capability of growing, in addition, it brings display effect. You can give a spotlight to your plant making a focus of display without disturbing room lighting. SOL Series has a base of E27, fits into a standard light bulb socket. PGL-B18 gives wide angle and well distributed light.

LED Grow Light / SOL Series    PGL-B18



Indoor Gardening - Home, Shop, Cafe, Kitchen, Office, School



► High intensity and good for plants growing

► More flowers, grow fast and make plants more nice in visual

► Wide light coverage for many plants

► E27 base and fits into a standard light bulb socket

► Better efficiency with a standard PARUS lamp shade




► Power Consumption: 18 Watt



► Input Voltage : AC90~245V, 50/60Hz



► Lighting : LED Grow Light - Bulb (PPF 960μmol @100mm)



► Lamp Angle: 140 °



► Safety :CE, EMC, LVD



► Cultivable Plants : Small or Medium or big size plants