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Quiet Dimmable Electronic Ballast 600W

Quiet Dimmable Electronic Ballast 600W

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The 600W adjustable electronic ballasts guarantee maximum lamp life and output regardless of a fluctuating input voltage. They operate completely silent, cool, safe and are more efficient than magnetic ballasts.

The ballasts have an adjustable output power. This feature allows you to dim and boost a lamp or to use different lamp powers with the same ballast, for example a 600W lamp for vegetative growth and 250W, 400W and 600W lamps for the flowering phase. Choose a suitable lamp for your high frequency electronic ballast to prevent lamp failure. This ballast is equipped with Soft Dim: When you adjust the output power with the selection switch the Soft Dim feature gradually adjusts the power in 60 seconds per output power step to protect the lamp.


  • Extremely high frequency, works perfectly with standard lamps and double-ended lamps.
  • Dimming Type:250/400/600 & Super Lumens.
  • Has a "soft start" program to allow multiple ballasts to start at the same time.
  • Works with both metal halide(MH) and high-pressure sodium(HPS)lamps.
  • External breaker system protects against power surges.


1.End of Lamp Life(EOL)Protection

2.Short circuit protection

3.Open circuit protection

4.Ignition failure protection

5.Thermal protection

Installation & Application Notes

1.Max. allowable case temperature:75°C/167°F.

2.Ambient Temperature:-20...+40°C/-4…+104°F.

3.Max. Humidity:95%.

4.Ignition voltage is 5kV max.

Made in PRC.

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