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Biobizz All Mix 20L

Biobizz All Mix 20L

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Unlock Your Plants Full Potential with Our Organic Hydroponic Nutrients and Growing Media for a Thriving Garden.

Introducing All·Mix® – the ultimate growing media that will revolutionize your plant nurturing experience. Imagine a substrate mixture that magically creates the perfect environment for your plants to thrive, all year round. Packed with powerful nutrients and a flourishing micro active ecosystem, this heavily pre-fertilized soil emulates the richness of outdoor soil within the confines of your own home. What's even more impressive? This incredible concoction provides ample sustenance for weeks, eliminating any need for additional fertilizers. But how do you use this wonder substance, you may ask? Simple! When using All·Mix® for the first time, dampen it with water and let it sit undisturbed for 36 hours. During this time, our exclusive Pre·Mix™ active fertilizer and microorganisms work their magic beneath its surface—preparing a perfect canvas upon which your plants can thrive. Keep in mind that maintaining optimal conditions is key to unlocking Mother Nature's secrets hidden within All·Mix®. Ensure that your precious foliage is surrounded by slightly warm soil at all times to keep microbial activity at its peak; after all, happy microbes mean happier plants! Allow the substrate to dry out between waterings as well - not only does fresh air permeate through as it dries up but also helps promote healthy breathing space around roots! Now let me share some intriguing details about what sets our Biobizz product apart from others on the market: we pride ourselves on utilizing natural organic elements rather than synthetic minerals like magnesium or sulfates found in traditional fertilizers! This unique approach gives All·Mix® an outstanding Electrical Conductivity (EC) value while maintaining self-regulating pH levels—an impossible feat achieved through our innovative system! Available in two convenient sizes—20L and 50L—All-Mix offers versatile options to cater to various gardening needs across different spaces. From sustainably grown herbs in small balconies to bountiful gardens in expansive backyards, this revolutionary product complements any growing journey. So, why should you own All·Mix®? Imagine the joy of witnessing your plants flourish with minimal effort and maximum results. Experience the satisfaction that comes with nurturing a thriving ecosystem within your own home - an accomplishment that will impress even the most discerning gardening enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned horticulturist or just starting on your green-thumb adventure, All·Mix® is here to elevate your gardening experience to unprecedented heights. Unlock nature's secrets and embrace the ultimate growing media today—All·Mix®, where science meets magic for exceptional plant growth!

  • Enhance plant growth with our organic fertilizer, promoting healthier and more vibrant blooms
  • Achieve optimal results in hydroponic systems using our specially formulated growing media
  • Boost your plants' nutrient intake with our Hydroponic Growth and Bloom Nutrients for maximum yield
  • Experience the benefits of added back biobizz bloom to your potting soil, ensuring robust plant development
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