Aeroflo 28

Aeroflo 28


The best performing, most efficient, and most flexible hydroponic system available.

Used by scientific expeditions, and commercial growers around the world, the AeroFlo® is THE substrate free commercial system.

Ranging from 10 to 120 plants per unit, and with unlimited number of units available, AeroFlo® systems are truly the most flexible way to produce plants hydroponically. Working on the principle of distributing oxygenated water optimally along the length of the unit, the AeroFlo® concept offers the advantages of what has become known as “Aeroponics”, without the downsides of water heating, and extreme susceptibility to pH fluctuations.

AeroFlo® systems run from one simple water pump in the reservoir which lifts water to the growth tube, where it is injected at carefully calculated intervals. The nutrient solution then falls back down the downpipe, perfectly oxygenating the nutrient reservoir as it does so: no complex controllers, or multiple air pumps - AeroFlo® Systems are incredibly easy to set up and run so you can focus on plant management, not system maintenance.