Our Services


As Kuwaits premier hydroponics and organic retailer/distributor, we provide the following services too. 

Vertical Farm Setup – Kuwait 


Landscape Fertilization (indoor/Outdoor)

Do you want the thickest lawn and healthiest plants possible?

Have you gone to the garden store and been overwhelmed by the variety and types of fertilizer available? 

Biohydro can help you make smart choices for your lawn and garden so it can flourish. Proper fertilization is important to ensure the beauty and health of your garden or lawn. We protect your investment by employing trained professionals to take care of your property and at some of the most competitive prices, you are bound to be thrilled as a result of contracting with us!

Commercial Farm Services – Kuwait

We offer full hydroponic consultations for farms in Kuwait with funding from the Industrial bank of Kuwait. Including training personal, sourcing seeds and fertilizer. We pride ourselves in handing over a fully functional hydroponic operation.

 Garden/Landscape Maintenance (indoor/outdoor)

If you think more needs to be done, you have come to the right place.
Biohydro has many years of experience helping the residents of design, implement and maintain their landscape ideas so that they can feel proud when they return home.


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