Son Light (Force Plus) 420W

Son Light (Force Plus) 420W

The Sonlight Force Plus LED system is the evolution of the Force we've been waiting for. Now it integrates those improvements expected by growers such as the driver position directly in the lamp frame, thus taking up even less space in height, via the external power supply and dangling cables for the grow room! 0-100% dimmer integrated in the frame together with the 2 RJ sockets for in-line connection or with the Sonlight Master Controller (even to a generic 0-10V).

Force Plus consists of a 180 ° folding frame for convenient storage, integrated driver and bars with LEDs mounted on a plate, the best available today: 2.8 umol / J SAMUSUNG. This allows the same PPFD for all plants under the system and a significant energy saving compared to conventional solutions of equal performance. Thanks to advances in Sonlight technology and fixtures, high quality LED horticultural lighting is now a credible option that offers a significant return on investment for growers.

SUN-Like Spectrum 3000-6500K

Thanks to the Full Spectrum AGRO technology it is possible to use a single lamp for the entire life cycle of the plants, from growth to flowering. Sonlight Force Plus owes these superior performances, in terms of PAR, to the use of a more adequate spectrum that uses high efficiency diodes from 3000 ° K - 6500 ° K suitable to simulate the Sun as much as possible, plus RED 660nm, UV 395nm and IR 730nm, excellent for all plant life stages.

Universal LED lamp for plants

Sonlight Force is a multi-bar linear device that produces high PPF and PPFD outputs. Its low height makes Sonlight Force ideal for multi-layer, professional greenhouse and tent growing. It is also a very robust lamp and has a high degree of protection against humidity IP65, ideal for use (always in safety) in greenhouses and grow boxes. Sonlight Force Plus is a professional lamp to illuminate all types of plants. Thanks to its structure it can be connected in line via a cable to other lamps for large growing spaces. Just adjust the dimmer of the first lamp to adjust them all. You can use the Sonlight Force Plus to:

Maintain healthy mother plants for years

  • Clone production
  • Large greenhouses, thanks to the connection in line or with control unit
  • Grow Box and Indoor Grow Tents

Force + 420W technical features

  • LED qnt: 1088 pcs
  • LED color: 3000K-6500K / RED 660nm / UV 395nm / IR 730nm
  • LED source: Top Samsung
  • Power: 420W
  • Driver: Integrated
  • PAR: 2.8 umol / J
  • PPF: 1176 umol / S
  • Input Voltage: Automatic 90-305V
  • Cooling: Passive - No sound
  • Dimmer: 0-100% Manual & RJ11 controller
  • IP degree: IP65
  • Operating life: 100,000 hrs
  • Recommended height from plants: 45/90 cm
  • Maximum coverage: 2 x 1 mt
  • Multi-lamp connection: maximum 10 lamps in line, with control unit 50
  • Dimension: 106 x 55 x 4.5 cm