Spruzit-R ready for use
Spruzit-R ready for use
Spruzit-R ready for use
Spruzit-R ready for use
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Spruzit-R ready for use

  • Combat aphids, trips and whiteflies effectively and quickly.
  • For indoors and outdoors
  • Naturally active substances

Quickly say goodbye to aphids, thrips or whitefly

What makes Spruzit-R so special?

Naturally active substances

Control aphids, spider mites or whitefly quickly and effectively. The naturally active substances pyrethrum and rapeseed oil tackle the pest directly.

Protect your leaves for healthy, long-lived plants

Pest insects can cause enormous damage. Prevent your leaves from dying, protect them effectively.


  1. Shake well before use!
  2. If you have not used Spruzit-R before, it is recommended to first carry out a test spraying to test the tolerance of the crop.
  3. Spruzit-R is a contact agent; make sure that the insects to be controlled are well hit.
  4. Spray all leaves - both the top and bottom - and the stem of the plant well moist, over the entire surface.

Spruzit-R can be kept indefinitely, provided it is kept frost-free.