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Plagron Terra Bloom


Plagron Terra Bloom 1 Liter

Plagron Terra Bloom is a bio-based mineral plant-food for flowering plants grown in soil. Plagron Terra Bloom contains nutrients that are available for absorption straight away for fast, reliable results. Plagron Terra Bloom can be used with any soil mix making it very versatile. Terra Bloom produces superb size crops simply and easily. It’s easy to see why Dutch professionals use Plagron!

  • Plagron – professional quality products for professional results!
  • Terra Bloom – everything a plant needs in the flowering stage
  • Helps grow huge blooms with excellent weight
  • Designed to be immediately absorbable
  • Can be used as a foliar-feed
  • Perfect for use with Plagron’s own range of additives & boosters

How Plagron - Terra Bloom works:
Plagron Terra Bloom contains a blend of bio-based mineral ingredients that are available straight away for absorption by your plants. Plagron Terra Bloom contains everything that your plants need during the flowering stage and encourages prolific blooming so that your crops are maximised in potential. Used by many professional Dutch growers, Plagron has earned itself a great reputation for simplicity, reliability and quality.

Using Plagron – Terra Bloom:
Plagron Terra Bloom is designed for use with plants grown in soil during the flowering stage. Apply Plagron Terra Bloom according to your feeding schedule. Always shake the bottle well before use. Add Terra Bloom at a rate of 2.5-5ml/litre of water depending on the size of the plant and according to your feeding schedule. Check and adjust the strength with a quality EC/TDS/PPM meter. When watering ensure that the soil is thoroughly drenched and allow the soil to become a little dry in-between waterings.

Plagron – Terra Bloom recommended dosage: 2.5-5ml/litre depending on plant size.

Plagron – Terra Bloom NPK: 2 – 2 – 4