Hose End Sprayer
Hose End Sprayer
Hose End Sprayer

Hose End Sprayer

Product details

Hose end sprayer (WR-HS01) can provide a good way for clients who need to dilute concentrate with specific ratio. Concentrate

from the bottle will mix the water from the garden hose perfectly, different ratios can satisfy different need of chemical


 Assembly and Using Process

  1. Check if all parts can be connected well: fan nozzle, ratio mix head, connector, valve, end adaptor, pipe.
  2. Pour the chemical into the bottle.
  3. Screw the bottle tight under the ratio mix head.
  4. Connect the garden hose with the valve or end adaptor.
  5. Choose the suitable ratio below:

6.Turn on the tap (Water pressure: 2.5 bars to 6 bars).

  1. Turn on the valve for spraying chemical out.
  2. Turn off the valve and then turn off the tap after spraying finish.

  • Attentions

1.Please confirm the connections are tight to avoid any leak.

2.Please empty the hose and clean the bottle when you don't use it.

3.It is better to wear rubber gloves and protective glasses when you use it.

  1. Please pay attention to the possible liquid leak when lay down the sprayer which loaded with detergent.