Green Cubes 5.5L
Green Cubes 5.5L
Green Cubes 5.5L

Green Cubes 5.5L

The Urbanscape Green Cubes are water storage cubes made of rock wool that are mixed under the potting soil. There they ensure increased water storage and loosening of the soil for an increased supply of oxygen. In addition, fertilizers dissolved in the water are retained and are available to the plants for longer. This makes them an ideal, resource-saving plant substrate.

The Urbanscape Green Cubes are made from purely natural rock wool fibers without chemical additives. They are explicitly also suitable for use with pleasure plants and can be disposed of in normal compost.

Use the water storage cubes in flower pots and planters and ensure better and healthier plant growth. 

About Green Cubes


  • Green Cubes are made of natural mineral fibres with no additives or binders.
  • They improve the air and water regime of the soil and thus increase water retention capacity. Water is trapped between the fibres and is gradually released into the ground.
  • By loosening the planting soil and retaining water, Green Cubes create optimal conditions for the growth and development of plants, which thus develop:
    • a stronger and highly branched root system,
    • stronger aboveground parts,
    • a higher number of inflorescence shoots and sprouts.
  • We recommend a mixture of Green Cubes and soil for:
    • growing plants in flowerpots,
    • balcony vegetable gardens,
    • planting pot plants in larger flower boxes,
    • filling planting pits for trees and shrubs,
    • all your gardening endeavours.