Fabric Pot 5Gallon

Fabric Pot 5Gallon

Size: 5Gallons | Color: Black
Healthy roots are the fundamental key to a bigger and better plant. Fabric grow bags are the most advanced vessels to house your budding plants and flowers, as they are an immeasurable boon to your roots as opposed to hard containers.

Breathable fabric provides excellent aeration for roots.
Aeration allows your soil to drain better, preventing over-watering issues.
Aeration also allows excess heat to escape the soil better on hot days.
When roots touch the fabric of a grow bag, they will entangle and promote side branching, allowing a beneficial root structure. Roots inside a hard container will circle and harmfully constrict over time.
Roots are air pruned when exposed in the air through the fabric, promoting your plant to continue producing new and healthy branching roots even over longer periods.
Healthier roots will overall produce bigger plants with more flowers and fruits as well as increased insect and disease resistance.