Eco Style Aphid Killer
Eco Style Aphid Killer
Eco Style Aphid Killer
Eco Style Aphid Killer
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Eco Style Aphid Killer

  • Effective aphid control indoors and outdoors
  • For ornamental plants, vegetables and fruit
  • Has a fast effect

Say goodbye to those green creepy crawlies

What makes LuisVrij so special?

Based on natural substances

LuisVrij is a product based on potassium salts of fatty acids. This is a soapy substance. This means that it is not harmful to soil life, other animals or people.

Keep your plant strong and healthy

LuisVrij you use to combat various insects. Think of whiteflies, thrips and aphids. This prevents damage to your plants.

  1. Shake the ready-to-use solution well before use.
  2. Hold the spray head at a distance of about 40 centimeters from the plant.
  3. Spray all parts of the plant, including the undersides of the leaves, until dripping wet. The insects need to be hit well, and sometimes they are also on the underside of the leaf.