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BioBizz Worm Humus 40L

BioBizz Worm Humus 40L

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Unlock the power of organic growth with our innovative Hydroponic Nutrients and Potting Soil for a thriving indoor garden.

Introducing Worm·Humus™, the organic soil enhancer that will revolutionize your gardening experience. Made from 100% pure and meticulously lab-tested worm castings, this nutrient-rich vermicast is nature's gift to your plants. Imagine the power of earthworms working tirelessly underground, decomposing organic material and producing a premium compost that surpasses all expectations. But what sets our Worm·Humus™ apart? Unlike other fertilizers on the market, ours contains no farmyard waste or landfill residue. We believe in providing you with only the finest ingredients for your precious plants. Our earthworms are fed a carefully curated diet of rock minerals and organic potato peelings to ensure their castings are nothing short of exceptional. Picture this: you step into your garden after using Worm·Humus™ as directed, preparing yourself for a visual feast like never before. Your eyes widen as vibrant blooms burst forth from every corner of your flower beds. Your herbs grow lusher than ever before, releasing aromas thatthe surrounding airround you. The secret lies beneath - it's in those thriving root systems nourished by our high-quality worm humus. Whether you're an avid gardener looking to breathe new life into tired soil or an aspiring green thumb wanting to kickstart a flourishing garden dream - Worm·Humus™ is here to make it happen! Refresh All-Mix®, enhance substrate mixtures, or prepare the subsoil in your beloved garden oasis; there are countless ways our versatile product can work its magic. Are you ready for awe-inspiring growth and bountiful harvests? Join thousands of satisfied customers who trust us with their gardens' health and witness firsthand why Worm·Humus™ truly stands above the rest. Choose excellence – choose quality – choose Worm HumusTM! Size: 40L

  • Enhance plant growth with our organic fertilizer, specially formulated for hydroponic systems
  • Boost your plants' health and vitality with Biobizz Bloom nutrients, proven to increase yields
  • Experience the power of MPower's added back technology, delivering superior performance in every application
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