Biobizz Outdoor Pack

Biobizz Outdoor Pack

If the climate in your region is suitable and growing outside is your thing, let Biobizz® make life easy for you. Try the Biobizz Outdoor·Pack. It joins the four members of our recently launched Try·Pack™ family. Both the organic soil based and hydroponic grower will enjoy gaining experience through using the Biobizz range of fertilizers.

Grow like a pro

You can’t go wrong with this high quality, great value, complete pack. Designed to be simple to handle, it can also be combined with any other Biobizz products or Try·Packs to maximise your crop and minimise costs.

Each pack contains:

This combination provides basic feeding for 1-4 plants.
250 ML Bio·Bloom™
250 ML Fish·Mix™
250 ML Top·Max™