AirPot 9L
Air Pot

AirPot 9L

Product description

AIR pot Superoots Superoots Air-pot is one with recycled plastic and reusable thanks to its subtle design builds the quality of the root systems of plants.
This revolutionary method of growing pot is an excellent root system, without chignonage. Which is impossible to achieve with other containers. Made of recycled HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), Superoots Air-pot is circular in shape, with a 3D perforated walls, like a egg box. It does not have a flat surface for distort the roots and start the "chignonage." The roots are directed at the air release holes at the end of the cones where the air density and dehydrated or, to put it another way, the Coupe (air-pruning).
The Response of the plant to this process, the air is the formation of more roots. Plants develop a fibrous root system, and radiaire very quickly. Superoots Air-pot can be produced in various sizes, heights and can be used as a container complete with or without foundation. The recent introduction of a new improved design of the Superoots Air-Pot that improves the strength of the container once installed thanks to the transversal cut of the lining, also gives a reduction of the time of assembly.
Volume: 9.2 l
Compatible with saucer 35 cm.