Air plant closed terrarium

Air plant closed terrarium

If you’re looking for an easy way to add life to your home, we are partial to the stylish option of an air plant! One of the best things about air plants is that their versatility allows them to be used to decorate in many ways within your home. They look great displayed alongside rustic driftwood, but also work well with clean, simple lines if your personal style leans more toward modern.

Likewise, there are many different routes you can go if you want to display your air plant in a terrarium. Terrariums create a sort of mini-ecosystem and can allow you to create a whole little world for your air plant.

Caring for air plants in a terrarium: 
In addition to ensuring that your plants get plenty of light and air circulation, water is a key consideration when caring for your air plants and displaying them in a terrarium. Make sure when watering to take your plants out of your terrarium and let them dry completely before putting them back inside. You never want your plants to be sitting in or holding moisture as this can cause the plants to rot. So instead of using living moss that tends to be damp, you might use preserved moss. Any gravel, rocks, or sand in your terrarium should also be fully dry before adding plants.