6-Way Timer Box
6-Way Timer Box
6-Way Timer Box

6-Way Timer Box

Timer Box 6

Built for larger grow areas, the Timer Box 6 is ideal for anyone wanting to take their hydroponic growing to the next level. Controlling all your lights manually can be a real hassle, especially when you have 5 or more. Manufactured with only the highest-grade materials and components, the Timer Box 6 takes the stress out of controlling your lights can be monitored simultaneously using the in-built timer. Safer and more reliable than usual contactors,

  • Up to 2 x 1000w, 3 x 600w, 5 x 400w lights can be switched on/off safely
  • Excellent build quality – robust and sturdy
  • Manufactured to the highest build quality
  • Built-in timer for precise control
  • Fully metal exterior for longevity
  • Hangar for easy mounting / use

How the Timer Box 6 Works:

When using hydroponics, it’s imperative that the lights you use get switched on and off at regular intervals to mimic the same light cycle you would get with outdoor growing. However, most plug-in timers aren’t built to handle the power pulled from most of the different lighting associated with hydroponics. Even if you do find a specific timer that is manufactured to withstand larger power draws, they will still only be able to switch one light or fan off at a time.

The Timer Box  puts you in complete control of multiple lights and fans all at the same time using one very simple timer. This is made possible by the timer being in control of the contactor box itself rather than the ballasts. This ensures that powering off and on is as safe and reliable as possible, and guarantees all lights come on at exactly the same time.