In-line Booster Fan 6"

In-line Booster Fan 6"

  • This fan operates smooth with minimal vibration. Runs much quieter than expected. Moves a good amount of air. If you put it in the top of your greenhouse, it works well to vent out heat. You Would recommend to anyone who is looking for a budget exhaust fan.
  • The fan fits conveniently in a vent hole in your grow tent. If the tent is left open, the fan wont do much of anything. When the tent is closed, it works pretty good. This one is good for smaller tents or areas, where it doesn't get too hot
  • works well - very quite -You can use it to duct air from laser engraver and 3D printer. Works very well for this - If you have 8' of flex duct in front of and 20' of flex duct in back of it. it exits the house through a vent made from a room A/C unit.
  • You can mount this fan in the garage ceiling over the boiler and hot water heater area with 15 feet of 6" ducting running to the floor. During the winter You can have it running to pull hot air off the ceiling and recycle it back to floor level to give me a more even temperature. It can save your money.
  • It can reduced your natural gas heating bill in the winter by cutting down the number of times the garage thermostat calls for heat. And its more comfortable working in the garage in the winter now too. You can plug this fan into a Wireless Remote controlled outlet unit so you can shut it off whenever you want to save energy when its not needed.