Ceropegia Woodii
FP 88

Ceropegia Woodii

Pot:12cm Height: 20cm
Ceropegia woodii prefers bright indirect light, however a dash of direct early morning or evening sunlight, will go a long way toward enhancing the contrast and saturation of the leaves.

String of Hearts is drought tolerant, but for best results keep the soil lightly moist, being careful not to overwater as the plant can quickly become waterlogged. Water sparingly in winter.

String of Hearts thrives in normal room temperature: anywhere between 18-24¬°C. Protect from draughts as these tend to create undesirable temperature fluctuations.

This plant enjoys raised humidity levels but most of the time they are happy in normal household conditions. While not required, the occasional misting might give your woodii an extra boost.

A weak solution of balanced fertilizer once a month during summer.

Height & Growth Rate
This Ceropegia is relatively fast growing, stopping at around 10cm tall, but with trailing stems of up to 2 meters in length.