Biophitum Sensitivum
FP 88

Biophitum Sensitivum

Top Tips & Info
Care Difficulty - Moderate
Provide a bright, indirect location with no direct sunlight for best results. Avoid deep shade at all costs.
Little Tree Plants are best kept in relatively moist soil due to their intolerance to long periods of droughts. Introduce a pebble tray to slow the rates of drying soil, as well as higher humidity levels.
Fertilise using a 'Houseplant' labelled feed every four waters in the spring and summer, reducing this to every six in the colder months.
Keep an eye out for Spider Mites & Mealybugs that'll hide in the plant's cubbyholes.
Unfortunately, Little Tree Plants are classed as an 'Annual' by the RHS, meaning that most specimens will only last between 6 - 18 months from purchase. Those that are currently blooming are most likely to die once the flowering period is over.