Monstera Dubia
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Monstera Dubia

How to Care for Monstera Dubia
If you’ve cared for any variety of monstera before such as monstera deliciosa, monstera adansonii, etc., monstera dubia won’t be an issue for you.

Choose a pot with drainage holes and pot your monstera dubia in a peaty soil. Try mixing a little peat moss with regular indoor potting mix.

Climbing Monstera Dubia
Like all monsteras, monstera dubia likes to climb. You can provide a small moss pole or trellis as you would for other varieties, or stake a flat board in the pot. As it climbs, the monstera dubia will adhere to the surface and lay flat like shingles!

Water when the top 1-2 inches of soil dry out, which should be every 7-10 days.

Place the plant in bright, but indirect sunlight. The sun’s rays should never touch the leaves, and your plant should never cast a shadow.

These tropical plants do best in temperatures between 60 and 85 degrees fahrenheit, which should include most room temperatures. They prefer humidity above 50%, so if you live in a dry area, you may want to consider supplementing with a pebble tray or humidifier.

Fertilize with Monstera Plant Food, which is designed to be used with each watering so you don’t have to remember a fertilization schedule!

To propagate with stem cuttings, make your cut on the stem above the node. Then take your cutting (or the cutting you ordered online) and place in a clean jar of water so that the stem touches the water but the leaf does not. Add a little Propagation Promoter to the water to encourage rooting.

When roots reach 1? long, pot in the soil and conditions mentioned above!

Monstera dubia isn’t the easiest plant to find, but it’s worth it!

This plant is gorgeous and caring for one can be a lot of fun, especially if you have the desire and conditions to allow it to reach its mature, fenestrated form!