Chlorophytum Variegated
FP 87

Chlorophytum Variegated

Pot:12cm Height: 25cm

Light: Bright, indirect light. Will tolerate partial shade. Avoid direct sunlight.
Water: Keep well-watered, aiming for lightly moist soil throughout the growing season. Less water is needed in the winter.
Temperature: Average household temperatures around 20-22°C are ideal. These are fairly tough plants so should survive temperatures above 8°C in winter if the soil is kept fairly dry.
Feed: Feed with a weak solution every few weeks during the growing season. Do not feed during the winter.
Air Purifying: This plant filters airborne toxins and is part of our clean air plant collection.
Height and Growth Rate: Ultimate height 30-40cm. Fast growing.
Origin: Tropical and southern regions of Africa.