Yucca Elephantipes
FP 83

Yucca Elephantipes

Pot: 11cm Plant Height: 40cm
Light Requirements
Yucca elephantipes prefers bright, direct sunlight but will tolerate some light shade. Be aware, however, that this will slow its growth and lighten the leaf colour.
Watering Requirements
Allow the top of the soil (or half of it in low light) to dry-out before watering. Can cope with some degree of drought. Ensure there is adequate drainage and don't allow to sit in water.
Temperature Requirements
The Spineless Yucca is hardy and adapts well to pretty much any indoor room temperature. Do not allow the temperature to fall below 7°C at night.
Humidity Requirements
The Yucca elephantipes is tolerant to drier air, and will thrive in normal household humidity.
Feed Requirements
Apply an occasional weak feed, if anything. Yucca do not need a lot of food.

Growth Rate
Height & Growth Rate
The Spineless Yucca is very slow-growing and typically reaches an ultimate indoor height of 1 to 2 metres.
This plant is toxic to animals so keep away from pets. Leaf tips are sharp so take care whilst handling.
Yucca elephantipes originates from the Southwestern United States, Mexico and Central America.