Lucky Bamboo Stem Spiral 50Cm
FP 83

Lucky Bamboo Stem Spiral 50Cm

Height: 50cm
How to Care for Lucky Bamboo
To keep your plant thriving as long as possible, check out these lucky bamboo plant care tips:

Clean the growing container. Clean the container every few months and provide fresh water once a week to prevent algae from forming.
Give it plenty of light. Lucky bamboo makes a great indoor plant because it can tolerate light shade and indirect sunlight. However, your bamboo will grow larger when exposed to bright light. This doesn’t mean you should put your plant in full, direct sunlight, but keeping it in a bright room can increase its longevity.
Filter your water. Lucky bamboo can be grown in soil or water. If you’re growing the plant in water, filtered or distilled water is your best option for keeping your bamboo’s roots moist and healthy. (Tap water may contain chemicals that can burn its stalks). Always use clean water to refresh your plant.
Choose the right container. When you buy or receive a lucky bamboo plant, it usually comes in its own container, often on top of pebbles or beads. If your bamboo outgrows its original container, you may need to transfer it into another container that can sustain it. Gently dig up the bamboo plant, washing the pebbles before transferring over to the new pot. Add the bamboo plant, carefully reburying the roots beneath the pebbles to ensure they’re completely covered. Keep the water level high enough to cover the roots, but not so high that it wets the bamboo stalks.
Have proper drainage. If your lucky bamboo is growing in soil, make sure its container has good drainage. Lucky bamboo prefers moist soil, but adding too much water to the soil can negatively impact the plant’s growth. Water the soil when the top inch of the soil is dry.