Thymus Doone Valley
FP 74

Thymus Doone Valley

Pot: 13 by 15cm
Thymus Doone Valley

Variegated creeping thyme

Creeping thyme is known for milder smells and flavors than the usual kitchen thyme.
It is not so common to also use plants that were originally used as ornamental plants for culinary purposes, but if you think otherwise, it is high time that this thyme started making a deserved furore. What a flavour!! You can't argue with taste, but in a blind test under different thyme varieties, it will end up very
high, that's for sure.

Variegated creeping thyme goes well in the following dishes:

Meat, in particular lamb and pork, fish dishes, egg dishes, oven dishes, barbecue, soup, stews and oven dishes, vegetables

A variegated plant with a beautiful aroma.

Care: sunny and dry place

Use: leaf, flower bud and flower. Both fresh and dried.