Tulbaghia Violacea (Garlic Chives)
FP 74

Tulbaghia Violacea (Garlic Chives)

Pot: 13 by 15cm
Tulbaghia violacea

Society garlic

If you like garlic and garlic like flavors and aromas, this herb is highly recommended. Words fail me….. you will have to experience the real smells, colors and flavors that this plant produces. It took me 3 years to estimate this herb at its true value. Applying the flowers and flower buds as well as the leaves really open an Eldorado.

Cape garlic goes well in the following dishes:

Everything where associations with rush, garlic and garlic are desirable. The fresh leaves are finely chopped in fresh cream cheese, salads, BBQ, sauces and so on.

Cape garlic is best used fresh and unheated. The plant likes to be dry and warm and grows slowly. Due to its slow growth, the plant is relatively expensive and exclusive. If you want to fully enjoy this wonderful plant, you can consider purchasing several copies or exercising some patience.

Care: Cape garlic likes a moderately moist spot in full sun. Sufficient nutrition is necessary. Preferably an organic diet. Protect the plant with plenty of fallen leaves during severe frost.


Use: leaf, flower bud and flower.