Thyme Citriodorus Golden
FP 74

Thyme Citriodorus Golden

Pot: 13 by 15cm

Thymus citriodorus Aureus

Yellow-leaved lemon thyme

With different thyme species you can always make a first
clear separation, because do I smell lemon or not.
However, if you smell lemon, this does not mean that you taste lemon, often a completely different taste rolls out than the smell would suggest. That is what makes it so exciting to experiment with different types of thyme.

Yellow-leaved lemon thyme goes well in the following dishes:

Meat in particular lamb and pork, fish dishes in particular grilled, egg dishes, oven dishes, barbecue, soup, stews and oven dishes,
vegetables and as part of an herbal tea.

The yellow leaf reinforces the association with lemon.

Care: thyme likes a sunny, dry place. Thyme also loves a calcareous soil.

Use: leaf, flower bud and flower.