Thyme Citriodorus Lemon Variegated
FP 74

Thyme Citriodorus Lemon Variegated

Pot: 13 by 15cm
Thymus citriodorus Lemon Variegated Variegated Lemon

Lemon Variegated has yellow variegated leaves and it is normally common to use such plants as an ornamental plant in the garden or on the patio.
Unbelievably true: it is precisely the variegated varieties that have by far the most beautiful culinary aromas.

Variegated lemon thyme goes well in the following dishes:

Meat in particular lamb and pork, fish dishes in particular grilled, egg dishes, oven dishes, barbecue, soup, stews and oven dishes, vegetables, desserts, flavoring water and as garnish.

The fragrance complex of this 'Variegated' is phenomenal.

Care: sunny and dry place

Use: leaf, flower bud and flower, both fresh and dried.