Salvia Purpurascens (Purple Sage)
FP 74

Salvia Purpurascens (Purple Sage)

Pot: 13 by 15cm
Salvia officinalis

Purpurascens Red-leaved Sage

This red-leaved variant is a jewel in the kitchen.
Yet people sometimes wonder whether the red-leaved
sage is also edible. I will deliver you Red-leaved
sage is just as useful in culinary terms as the regular sage.
Please note: for ornamental plant cultivation, different crop protection standards apply than for herbs that are produced for consumption!

Red-leaved sage goes well in the following dishes:

Oily fish, meat dishes, vegetable dishes, Italian
dishes, stews and oven dishes, for decoration, amuse-bouche, tapas and tea.

The purple-red leaf of this sage provides a spectrum of additional possibilities. Preferably choose organically produced red sage, although this actually applies to all herbs of course.

Care: dry, sunny position. Never prune too much at once, but in steps with an interval of a few weeks

Use: leaf, flower bud, flower.