Polyscias Fabian Branched
Polyscias Fabian Branched
Polyscias Fabian Branched
FP 74

Polyscias Fabian Branched

Pot: 21cm
Height: 95cm


The Polyscias, also known as Aralia, occurs naturally on islands in the Pacific Ocean. A Polyscias is a characteristic tree that likes to be in a shady place and requires little water. Polyscias literally means in Greek "Lots of shadow". This room plant has the property of growing leaves across the entire branch. Leaves of a Polyscias are green, white or yellow and have a round or heart-shaped appearance. This room plant is a must for the dark spot in your room or office.

Care tips

The Polyscias may be kept slightly moist but, like many green houseplants, the Polyscias also do not keep wet feet. It is better to give a little more water a lot more than once a lot.
It is a matter of keeping an eye on "after purchase". Sting your finger in the ground to feel how fast the soil dries. The amount of water consumed depends on the size of the plants and the location. The faster the dryer the more water.
The Polyscias prefers rainwater above tap water. In tap water there is often too much lime, which makes the leaves white.


Your room plant Polyscias likes to be sprayed very regularly. On the one hand, to keep the decorative value high and on the other hand, spraying is preventive against diseases. It also removes the dust from the leaf, which allows the leaves to catch better light.


The Polyscias feels at home in a shady place. The room plant does not like direct sunlight. Do not place the plant near the heating or convection booth due to the dry air.