Origanum Vulgare Hirtum (Greek Oregano)
FP 74

Origanum Vulgare Hirtum (Greek Oregano)

Pot: 13 by 15cm
Origanum vulgare hirtum
greek or pepper oregano

Pepper oregano is an intensely spicy spice. 'Extra-strong'
is the only correct term for this herb. Sometimes very
useful and sometimes a bit too much of a good thing. By
the way, did you know that this herb has its veterinary uses
as a natural antibiotic!! That's how strong pepper oregano is.

Pepper oregano goes well in the following dishes:

Mediterranean cuisine, lamb and pork, pizza, soup,
salads, vegetables, rice, pasta, egg dishes, tapas,
biscuits, toasted sandwiches, fish dishes, potato dishes and in
between the sandwich.

The craftsmanship of the person who will work with pepper oregano will be put to the test. Heating the herb will
remove the sharp edges , just like with garlic, for example.

Care: plant in a dry sunny spot. Provide adequate nutrition during growth. Cut the plant back after flowering.

Use: leaf, flower bud and flower