Nepenthes Monkey Jars Bloody Mary
Nepenthes Monkey Jars Bloody Mary
Nepenthes Monkey Jars Bloody Mary
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Nepenthes Monkey Jars Bloody Mary

This Nepenthes is a carnivorous wonder. He grows traps on his leaf veins, which not only serve their purpose well, but create an unusual yet intriguing hanging ornament for your home.

This carnivorous plant is quirky and unusual, with furry, blood-red boxing glove pitcher 'jugs' that collect water and trap insects.

Growing pot size: 14cm diamater, 45cm height. Plastic hanger can be detached.

Latin name: Nepenthes 'Bloody Mary'

Useful to know:


Southeast Asia.


I won't exceed about 75cm growth (height and width).


I prefer bright, indirect light but I will tolerate light shade. No direct sunlight, please.


I like a very moist but free draining soil. I love living in a warm humid environment. Spray me occasionally too.


I'm a tropical plant and need a warm enviornment: ideally above 14°C and between 22-25°C during the day.


Mist me with very diluted fertiliser during Spring and Summer ... or give me a small insect to digest.


I remain compact so I am easy to care for. Trim my stems to encourage side shoots.


Although I can live for a long time, my pitchers will drop and make way for new ones periodically.


I can cause mild upset stomach if consumed by pets.


My pitchers are the colour of raw meat to attract flies!