Brighamia Insignis Hawaii Palm
FP 68

Brighamia Insignis Hawaii Palm

  • Pot: 12cm Height: 45cm

    How to grow and care for your Hawaiian Palm (Brighmia insignis).

Aftercare Advice for your Hawaiian Palm:

Water only once/twice a week at most, allowing the soil to dry out between waterings.

Feed once a month throughout the year with a half strength, general-purpose feed.

Give the plant a bright, sheltered position in the house. In the summer, your Hawaiian Palm will be happy in a sheltered position outside.

The main growing season is over the winter months, and your plant will start into growth in August.

Re-pot the plant in a larger pot every year.

Treat plants at the first sign of insect attack with a spray such as our own Plant Invigorator and Defender.

Pruning Advice for Brighamia Insignis:

Pruning is not necessary, as lower leaves will drop naturally.

Faded leaves may be cut off to improve the appearance of the plant, although take care as the plant may bleed a milky sap which can irritate sensitive skin.