What is Biophilia


 Journey with Biophilia 

Into a World that Loves our Green, Saves our Blue, With our Yellow

for a better tomorrow


Biophilia A.G is Bio Design Firm and Agricutural Aid retailer that  strives to highlight our innate attraction to the natural world, by reuniting humanity and nature through sustainable technologies. Refraining from pesticide and herbicide use while utilizing natures already existing remedies ultimately resulting in better food and a better environment for us, our children and who we share earth with.


 noun \ˌbī-ō-ˈfi-lē-ə, -ˈfēl-yə\

: a hypothetical human tendency to interact or be closely associated with other forms of life in nature

: Innate attraction to living systems 



New Latin

Bio : Life

Philia: attraction or magnetism 

  First Known Use: 1979 ,