Our Services

"We plant" Services

Biophilia Life Design helps you to attain your green vision  Plants have needs, we speak plant, some fish and a whole lot of water. We want to help.

"We grow" services:

When it comes to the professional care of your plants, our highly qualified service experts are at your service. They're the best guarantee of a healthy and long life for your plants.
 You can decide for yourself which jobs you'd like us to take over for you.

Basic Plant Service

Prime Plant Service
    • Pruning – plants are professionally pruned.
    • Cleaning – dust and dirt are removed from plants.
    • Fertilizing – plants are given an organic treatment.
    • Organic Pest Management – regular monitoring of plants for pests and their removal.
    • Plant replacement – your location will be regularly spruced up with new plants.
    • Watering – we'll even take over the watering for you

You Grow a lot - Commercial Farm Services 

    • Full hydroponic consultations for farms in Kuwait with funding from the Industrial bank of Kuwait. Including training personal, sourcing seeds and fertilizer. We pride ourselves in handing over a fully functional hydroponic operation. 

    • Feasibility and technical studies for any crop required