Cyperus Zumula (Cat Grass)
Cyperus Zumula (Cat Grass)
Cyperus Zumula (Cat Grass)
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Cyperus Zumula (Cat Grass)

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Pot: 12cm Height: 15cm

How do you take care of Cat grass?

The best location for Cat grass
Cat grass grows best on a location with medium light to partial shade. They like shade better than direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will kill the plant rather than do it any good.
Watering Cat grass
Water the cat grass regularly. About once a week to every 10 days is enough. It is not necessary to keep the soil continuously moist. We do, however, recommend placing the plant in a flowerpot with a saucer. This prevents wet feet and eventually root rot.

Repotting Cat grass is not necessary. Most cats enjoy Cat Grass so much that the plant becomes bald really soon.

Plant nutrition
Plant nutrition is not necessary for Cat grass. It can even be dangerous for the cat if you add plant nutrition. Cat Grass itself is cultivated without pesticides and other chemicals.

Air-purifying function
Cat grass is not known for its air-purifying function. As far as we’re concerned, no problem.

Is Cat grass toxic?
They're non toxic for humans and pets, making them the perfect choice as an indoor plant.

Diseases and peculiarities
Cat grass is not susceptible to diseases or pests. If the plant still suffers from this, you can try to spray the plant with a hard jet of water. Do not use a pesticide. Pesticide is dangerous for your pets.