BioBizz Starter Pack
BioBizz Starter Pack
BioBizz Starter Pack

BioBizz Starter Pack

are you someone with strong organic beliefs? Do you care about the future of the planet? Is it quality above quantity – or more about the flavour and the colour of your crop that matters? Whatever your concerns or goals, choose Biobizz and the rest is easy. Our Starters·Pack™ is fully loaded with everything you need to begin your own growing adventure.

Enjoy the Biobizz® experience

Let us show you the magic of nature: rooting, growing and blooming phases, with a bumper harvest to look forward to at the end. There’s no need to be an expert. Just follow our nutrient programme and you and your plants will grow happily ever after.

Each pack contains:

Along with leaflets and other handy accessories*:
1000 ml Bio·Bloom™
1000 ml Bio·Grow®
500 ml Top·Max™
250 ml Bio·Heaven™
250 ml Root·Juice™