Dimmer Switch

Dimmer Switch

Product description

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Product Description


Dimmer Switch

Mercury Plug-In Dimmer Switches. Add range to your home lighting, allowing you to set the level of ambient light just how you want it. It might be bright for reading, medium for dinner with some friends, or turned down low to watch a movie.

Normally, fitting such switches would be a complex and expensive task, but this dimmer fits in seconds to any lamp in a mains plug socket. It can be used with other devices also, however, lights and lamps are the most common.

How to use - This could not be simpler. Just plug the dimmer unit into a standard UK 3-Pin mains outlet, then plug your lamp or fan into the socket on the front. From there you can adjust your lighting using the single control on the unit. 
☆ Make any lamp dimmable
☆ Fits a standard UK wall socket
☆ Adjustable light intensity
☆ Compatible with all dimmable bulbs including LED


★ Power supply 230Vac, 50Hz
★ Power max. 300W
★ Dimensions 53 x 63 x 98mm
★ Weight 110g


Box Contains

1x Dimmer Switch